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Give Love

Our products will help you heal and feel good inside out. It is handcrafted with passion, love and light.


We never forget our clients. We are ready to help you with your questions and wishes. All our accessories are customisable


We use only natural elements, pure brass, copper and stainless steels and pure silver

What clients say

Our clients get not only jawelries clothes or dreadlocks they olso get a lot of love positive energy and unforgetable time with our artist
 Daniela De O. Duarte

Daniela De O. Duarte

She fixed my dreads and gave me 2 new little babies.
I love them! Thanks for your beautiful work. Thanks for sharing your time and energy with me. I hope I will see you soon.

 Ngoc Vu

Ngoc Vu

Beautiful and unique jewellery designs!

Makati Kawaii

Makati Kawaii

beautiful authentic jewellery! Absolutely love it!


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